A Walking Tour – Southampton



For NCL “Epic” cruisers overnighting in Southampton, England on June 23:


The Southampton Tourist Guides Association (STGA) is offering a either
June 23 morning or June 24 morning a two and a half hour walking tour
of Southampton.  Tours will be available from 9am to 11:30am and
available on either June 23 – Wednesday morning or June 24 – Thursday


Highlights for this 2.5 hour walking tour in Southampton will include
‘Pilgrim Fathers’, ‘Jane Austen’s Southampton’, ‘Medieval Walls and
Vaults’, and ‘American Troops in Southampton -1944/45’.


– Cost (cash only):  60 GBP (approx USD$95) per group, up to maximum
of 25 persons.  You can create your own group, large or small, and the
cost will still be 60 GBP (approx USD$95) for each group.  Cash
payment only, no credit cards.  Arrangements must must be made by
Friday June 11.


– For further information and reservations please contact Don
Robertson, STGA Bookings Secretary by Friday June 11 at e-mail:
drob007@aol.com  Please mention “madhatters” when you contact Don
about this special walking tour.