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New York, New York
Tucked inside Crif Dogs is one of Manhattan’s best-kept secrets. PDT, or Please Don’t Tell, is a hidden cocktail lounge that’s been serving secret spirits since 2007. To enter, bar patrons must sleuth out the phone booth hidden within the casual atmosphere of Crif Dogs. Once inside the sexy speakeasy, in-the-know patrons can order some illicit libations, including the recently legalized absinthe. Also on the menu is all the food served at Crif’s: waffle fries, burgers and their infamous deep-fried hot dogs.

No Reservations in NYC Outer Boroughs

Tony Bourdain knows the jungles of Malaysia and the streets of London better than he knows what’s just outside his hometown of Manhattan, so he enlists the help of some locals to explore New York’s other 4 boroughs. Tony will travel to Queens with chefs Chris Cheung and David Chang; he’ll explore Staten Island with David Johansen, lead singer of the New York Dolls; and check Brooklyn and the Bronx with his friend Famous Fat Dave.
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