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21/December/2009 Announcement
A one day Epic Cruise for those interested, starting in Rotterdam and ending in Southampton on June 22. This can be found on the NCL United Kingdom and Germany sites.


1 nights, Mon Jun 21 2010 (Cruise Only)
Rotterdam : Southampton (London)
Prices from: £89.00
Date Port Arrival Departure
Monday, June 21, 2010 Rotterdam   16:00
The largest port in Europe, it’s well worth taking a boat tour of Rotterdam’s bustling harbour. The city also boasts avant-garde architecture, museums and an excellent zoo, as well as easy access to Amsterdam and The Hague.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010 Southampton (London) 10:00  
With its medieval castle and city walls once protection from pirate attacks, Southampton is steeped in maritime history. It was from this city that the Pilgrims boarded the Mayflower and set sail for the New World, and the Titanic started her doomed voyage.



April 2010


Epic Diesel Engine to be Replaced – Sea Trial Delayed


—————————————————             translated by Google.

Change engine for Epic

After repairing the engine, the “Norwegian Epic” at the end of May for its second test campaign Wed Photo STX Bernard Biger

The intervention will be conducted once the ship in dry dock. Transfer Announced Monday, April 12.
Flashback. On Friday, March 26, damage to one of six diesel engine had forced the postponement of the transfer of Norwegian Epic Lock-in the form Joubert.

“The failure of mechanical parts” which has caused serious damage, according to management.

After review, a decision has finally been taken to move the giant ocean liner in dry dock around April 12, to painting. With a big difference, however, since it will also replace the damaged engine. Maneuver “Very delicate” that requires the extraction of the boat.

Delivery Date maintained

And why there is no 36 solutions. “You really open a breach in the hull, Eric says HRD Breux. Nothing less. A similar exercise has already been made to sites on the Me especially. The cost was not disclosed. “It is the subject of discussion between insurers”.

The only certainty is perhaps the most important, this remedy should not “Disrupt the planning of all work on board”. The delivery to the owner NCL remains kept at 15 June

Nicolas Dahéron
“You really opened a breach in the hull and remove the engine”

—————————————————             translated by Google.